Beginning in the fall semester of 2020, Richmond Hill Middle School launched a comprehensive STEAM program. The STEAM program exposes our students to project-based learning, affording them an alternative path to high school level Math and Physical Science in eighth grade. Students of the STEAM program will attend Connections courses targeting the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) by solving real-world problems. The application of these skills will also serve as a valuable component of our core academic classes. In addition, the extended learning time component of each day will serve as a time for the STEAM students to prepare for national STEAM competitions, operate an aquaponics system, and complete a project-based learning curriculum.
         The STEAM program of Richmond Hill Middle School promotes a cooperative learning environment through project-based learning experiences. Through these experiences, students are expected to conduct research, develop solutions, collect data, evaluate, and present outcomes to teachers and community experts. Students are also required to maintain relationships with our community partners in order to brainstorm innovative solutions.

"RHMS's STEM program is now the RHMS STEAM program. Why? We've rebranded to better reflect what our program offers. The arts have always been a part of our program, but we want to make it clear through our name that the arts are just as critical as science, technology, engineering, and math. We will not be changing what we do, how we do it, or the classes we offer. RHMS wanted parents and the community to know that the arts are front and center along with everything else as an integral part of what we do, kids do, and a part of our everyday lives. Art takes a variety of forms, whether it's the design of an ROV, a 3D printed model, the design of an invention, how information is presented, the videos we create or watch, and everything else we interact with."

Check out these great examples of STEAM in action this year!

this slowpoke moves

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The RHMS STEAM Program provides a challenging learning environment where students can grow through their successes and failures as they solve real-world problems.

To provide learning experiences that reflect the changing fields, expectations, and applications that will prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow.