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STEAM program parents, Thank you for being so supportive through this unusual start to the school year. To best counteract COVID, students will no longer be able to participate in ELT as we originally planned. Instead of one specific topic or competition, ALL students in the program will now participate in a rotation involving all of the major STEAM competition options such as drone, ROVs, podcast, etc.

To make this possible, we are asking for a $25 donation for materials from each student. This charge is now available now onMy Payments Plusuntil August 31st.

If you already paid $50 for the drone or ROV team, you will have the $50 refunded to you.

How to create a My Payment Plus Account

Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Competition

Congratulations to Ms. Collins class for making it to the national semi-finals in the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Competition and earning the school a $15,000 Samsung technology grant. Check out their submission detailing their project the VIEW! Great job to the team and we look forward to the amazing projects that come out for next year's competition.